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Tett inntil meg

Nylig ble jeg spurt om å bidra med min historie til A´s Babywearing Story, et slags lite samfunn for oss som bærer barna våre. Å bære er både praktisk og veldig, veldig koselig! Det er altså ikke babybjørn som gjelder her, men ergonomisk riktig bæring. Selv om lillegutt snart bikker 10 kg får jeg ikke vondt i ryggen av å bære han i et godt sjal. Å bære minner meg veldig om å gå gravid, for sjalet fordeler vekten og barnet sitter så tett inntil at jeg ikke merker så mye til tyngden annet enn i lårene. Hvis du er nysgjerrig på bæring anbefaler jeg deg å melde deg inn i Norsk Bæregruppe på Facebook.

My babywearing story

I like to be prepared. That´s why I used 9 months to prepare myself for birth! Our baby was very much wanted, and even though I had my ups and downs being pregnant I miss the feeling of always carrying my baby around inside me, protecting him.

I started practicing yoga at 14 years of age. It feels like yoga has always been a part of me. Of course I would practice yoga during pregnancy as well! I think it´s fantastic that many women start their yoga practice when they become pregnant, but I´m very glad I already had started on my yoga journey. Because yoga is a journey, it never ends, you can always go further and in different directions with yoga. What I loved the most about being pregnant was how my body spoke to me so clearly, it was so fascinating, and I would carefully listen to it. If I felt any pain, I would lay down, and the pain would go away. As simple as that. I read a lot of articles and books on natural child birth and focused on positive birth stories. I looked very much forward to giving birth!

My partner and I lived in a small apartment in the capital of Norway, but we had always talked about moving out to the countryside, to the mountains. When I was about 2-3 months pregnant, we decided this was the time to follow our dream. My partner even got his dream job in the valley we wanted to move to, and I got fired from my job in the city. This was meant to be! We scheduled our moving till after birth.

Already before we even decided it was ok to get pregnant, I had decided where I wanted to give birth: In Oslo they have one alternative birth clinic (ABC) – a natural birth clinic driven by midwifes. It is actually inside the hospital, so it felt like a very safe choice. I wanted to look into Hypnobirthing too, but my partner decided the ABC was alternative enough (next time!). I still couldn’t forget about it, so I decided we should make a short appointment with a midwife, Helene, who held courses on Hypnobirthing. When we got there, Helene asked if we had thought about the time after birth, about being parents. Well, no. My only focus was on birth, but we had bought some tiny clothes, a stroller (a used one) and a stretchy wrap. I remember she said she didn’t even buy a stroller until after 3 months after birth, she had carried her baby everywhere. I was impressed, and inspired.

So, long story short, we had a wonderful birth! Our baby Iver was born into water after 4 hours of labor and I am so thankful. But I must say, I was not just lucky to have an easy birth, I really had prepared my brain and body for this. We went home after 2 nights in the clinic. I remember our first trip to the grocery store, it was a 5 minute walk from our apartment. I wanted to carry my baby, so I wrapped him in my stretchy wrap. It was an awful 5 minute walk, 5 minute grocery shopping, 5 minute walk home. I was so scared! I couldn’t hear my baby breathing, he was so quiet and didn´t move at all.
Thinking back I know he was fine, he just had a good sleep, but I was so terrified I didn´t use the wrap anymore for several weeks. So we used the stroller. And he cried. Poor boy. I still wanted to carry him.
So I did a little more research and bought myself a woven wrap. I thought it was so expensive! Thinking back, it was not, haha. But I started to carry him in my woven wrap and I loved it. And my baby loved it.

When our baby was 6 weeks young, we moved out of the city. And oh my, how I loved not using the stroller! I did stroll a couple of times, but as I mentioned we moved to a valley, and we have a choice of either going up or down the hills. But it´s so much heavier pushing the stroller. Plus, the stroller can only go along the road. We had so many wonderful walks in the mountains this fall, several times I had to cry a little and pinch myself, I am so lucky to live in this beautiful place and to be able to carry my baby around!

Our baby boy loved my breastmilk and gained very fast, I quickly started noticing the weight on my shoulders. I tried to research different wraps and realized it´s a big jungle of wraps. And the wraps are so expensive! But, I figured, I´d rather use a lot of money on ONE good wrap rather than trying several bad ones. Im not saying the less expensive ones are bad, I just don’t want to spend my time with the computer/mobile phone looking for wraps, buying and selling and so on. I want to spend my time with the little one. So I bought my first Artipoppe. Oh my, how the difference! I could carry my boy for hours and hours. I love carry him! And luckily he loves it too. I’m just enjoying every second of it because I know it´s not going to last forever.

I am experimenting with babywearing yoga, mostly just for fun. But when Iver cant sleep and it´s too cold or wet to go outside for a walk, I wrap him and slowly slowly move around on my yoga mat. He usually falls asleep within 5 minutes. I don’t do anything fancy, I just flow gently and breathe.

Yoga is not about doing acrobatic poses, it´s learning how to breathe. My partner often just uses his yoga-breath to get Iver to sleep. He just lies down beside him and starts breathing. It is very calming. Actually, I´m not that experienced back-carrying yet and when Im trying to wrap, Iver is impatient and get warm and sweaty – I take a deep yoga breath and it usually turns out fine 😉

To me, babywearing is yoga. I can take a nice long walk, breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the warmth of my baby´s body on my back. It makes me happy and calm.


This peaceful mama

For et par uker siden våknet jeg opp til en feature på Buzzfeed! Jeg følger selv ganske mange superinspirerende gravide yoginier på Instagram som ikke en gang er nevnt, men det er veldig gøy å bli lagt merke til da :-)

Her kan du se saken.


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